Higer Bus and Coach is one of the most innovative bus manufacturers in the world. Higer's focus on developing new technology and cutting-edge design is centred on an overall goal of driver and passenger safety, sustainable vehicle operation and fuel economy.

With the objectiveof making buses and coaches with safety, comfort and added value, Higer Bus is actively involved in research and development, as well as importing cutting-edge technologies. In terms of product development, Higer takes a parallel development route that combines self-development and international cooperation. It creates the R & D platform jointly with the King of the road, Sweden Scania and has become one of its only two global strategic partners after IRIZAR.
Higer Bus’s cathode electro-coating line boasts 16 rigorous procedures. Higer Bus invested 200 million Yuan in the cathode electro-coating line which is capable of making the vehicle body resistant to corrosion for 10 years, and improves the corrosion resistance performance of the complete vehicle.
Robotic welding is employed on the Higer production lines and ensures welding precision as well as improving welding quality and productivity. Lase cutting technology is also used to enable high precision and efficient cutting with positional accuracy within +/- 0.03mm!
The G-BOS intelligent operation system carries forward the entire vehicle life cycle management concept. This system records operating data to improve safety management, conserve energy and reduce emissions.